The differences between ASO and SEO

The differences between ASO and SEO

ASO which is administrative services only, is a group of self insurance program for organized groups where the employer assumes the responsibility for all the risk, purchasing only administrative services from the insurer. For example, an organization may hire an insurance company to evaluate and process claims under its employee health plan while maintaining the responsibility of paying the claims itself. Most employers would also purchase stop loss insurance to protect against disaster loses. However, SEO which is search engine optimization is the art of science making web page attractive to search engines for relevant searches attracting prospective and existing customers to your business.

Some of the basic differences between ASO and SEO include; visual optimization, which is more important in ASO. The app icon, screenshots and video play is a big role in ASO while the texting is usually more important in SEO because of how inspection results are being displayed. In ASO search results, the icon as well as screenshots are prominently displayed for it is still important to capture the right words but you cannot ignore the graphics, while in SEO people only see texts. Graphics are important too but not for converting search results for clicks as it is much more important to optimize the text elements of a web page.

When making a searching query in

App stores are getting better at detecting what an app is about but SEO is much more advanced, relevance matters a lot in SEO. The engines will rank your content depending on what your site is about and the quality of the links that are pointed to your site.

When making a searching query in an app store versus a web browser, there is a distinction between how the user does it. In app stores majority of cases, the user makes a query of several words looing for the functionality of the app. The user also makes searching for a particular brand and are often looking for apps that can satisfy their exact needs. For the web the user is either seeking information in order to more about something or they are making a transactional query, looking to buy something or take an action.

The differences between ASO and SEO

Users have different searching methodologies on both SEO and ASO. As for web searches, they are more research based where the mobile is more featured/ ecommerce based. For administrative search only, people are searching in vastly different ways for they have creative display presentations, a page title or banner ad tat works on the web may not work.

SEO needs to be done on and off the website while ASO is usually done inside each app store. ASO only deals with optimization for the apps, it is not as complex as SEO. In ASO you have to be concerned with choosing the appropriate words, localization, optimizing the app name together with the description, back links as well as optimizing ratings and reviews. When in comes to SEO you have to master keyword selection, link relevance, social sharing, on-page, off-page back links, web credibility, google penalties a well as optimizing page speed.

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