SEO Tips, Tricks, Or Hacks That Will Increase Your Traffic

SEO Tips, Tricks, Or Hacks That Will Increase Your Traffic

Almost all public websites are united under the goal of achieving the highest volume of traffic that there is. Everybody wants their website going viral for obvious reasons that we’ll discuss in a different piece, but right now, you’re about to learn neat tricks that are guaranteed to bring people to your website. It’s like a global competition whose playgrounds are the major search engines that exist today. Having your website appear on the first page of any major search engine is a big deal, and often the ultimate goal. There are specific guidelines that if followed, improves the odds of featuring on the front page of search engine results.

Manage the number of links per

Manage the number of links per page to as low as 100 to realize the most optimal user experience. Initially, Google recommended the limiting of links per page to 100 or less because their system only accepted about 100Kilobytes per web page. If you look at the math therein, you’ll find that 100links is the optimum number that can be supported at a page size of 100Kb. Exceeding that number won’t improve your traffic because Google’s system will automatically reduce it to the nearest acceptable limits, consequently, your entire page won’t be indexed. Some readers will probably wonder what indexing is, don’t worry, it’s a basic concept. Indexing simply refers to a way of sorting or presenting data to make it easier to access in part or as a whole. If you arrange names in alphabetical order, that’s a form of indexing, you get the idea.

Avoid keeping too many old posts

Avoid keeping too many old posts on your website, posts that are no longer relevant. It is currently 2020, there’s no reason for you to keep having those posts you uploaded a decade ago, especially when they are trivial matters like say, celebrity gossip. Don’t get the writer wrong, he has nothing against celebrities. All he’s implying is that the links going to waste about a public figure that delivered her first baby 10 years ago could be put to good use on current stuff.

SEO Tips, Tricks, Or Hacks That Will Increase Your Traffic

Another way of optimizing your website is by deleting useless links from the platform. The links could be dead or damaged, and therefore are just laying there for no reason. There are ways to find deadlines on your website, one of which is just searching for crawl errors to pull up a list of all dead URLs. Alternatively, you could just use a third party software to find, and get rid of dead URLs for you; it all depends on your preference. It is not at all uncommon to find someone walking the roadside, facedown, fully immersed in their cute little smartphones. That’s beside the point herein, the point is, that’s the place you’ll easily reach more people. Make your sites support mobile versions of themselves, this increases the odds that even countryside Joe will stumble upon your content as he browses the internet.

Increasing the loading speed, or decreasing the loading time for web pages results in enjoyable user experience, and as a result, more clicks to your portal. You probably know that annoying feeling you get when it’s almost 10 seconds, and your login request is still being submitted as if it was a movie or something. Loading time plays a major role in boosting the user experience of people checking out your portal. More than 50% of internet users switch to other tabs or type in other URLs as soon as they notice that transition lag.

Social media has always been this big untapped reservoir of potential that never seems to land the amount of credence it deserves. Making your portal accessible from the major social media platforms is a guaranteed sales boost, even by a minuscule margin of gain. Create backlinks to the site, and allow visitors the option of sharing your content on their pages. The thing with social media is, you never know who’s viewing, or following, it could be a huge investor from across the ocean.

Google indexes new posts each time, it is, therefore, important that you edit, and or update the content, and maybe presentation of your old posts to match the decade we are living in. According to SEO experts, Google considers updated web pages as new ones, and therefore, indexes them again. There’s a tonne of neat little tricks to make your site get the most attention out there, just find ones that work best for you.

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