5 SEO tips that will double your search traffic in an instant

5 SEO tips that will double your search traffic in an instant

Here are some ways to achieve a double search traffic, first, by conducting an independent review and examination of the SEO. Since 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query, if there seems to be not enough traffic on a site, it is because the internet users in that community cannot find your search engine page. The reason behind this is simply because the SEO is bad! Reviewing this will not only help to improve the website’s performance but will expose what may be hindering the organic search visibility.

A great way to increase your

A great way to increase your search traffic is by creating SEO optimized landing pages. A well designed and well created landing page generates more sales. The landing page contents has to be useful and of great interest to the reader, it is often advised to be modern and with a professional design. Landing pages should be taken more seriously, a landing page is expected to contain vital information that will keep the reader glued to the page, and there must be no navigation between websites, this is because you don’t want the reader to leave your website.

5 SEO tips that will double your search traffic in an instant

Photographs are what attracts audiences from around the world the most, rather than texts and lots of writings as proven by research. Therefore infographics should be employed to a site that needs more traffic. This does not mean that all information to be passed on the website should be conveyed in infographics, infographics should be done at times to increase visual delivered information. You can employ a infographic designer, but if you can’t afford to hire a full-time professional infographic designer, you have to find a free website that allow you to create your own infographs. One of the great websites include Canva, which provides great layouts for infographics.

Another important factor that has to be considered when trying to draw more traffic is writing a Roundup post. A roundup post is when you interview a few or more people about a particular topic and then add a list of “best” responses to it. Doing this does not only add up to the total number of views on your article but also increases the SEO ranking and then boost your website’s traffic. The main benefit of the roundup is that, the website you post it on comes in front of thousands of people. You should keep in mind that fact that roundup post contains opinions from different people makes it different and special.

Posting on social media is of great importance. You can share your web link to get likes and comments, this will make several people visit the site and there by adding more traffic to your website. Social sites like Slideshare, Blogger, Quora and so on are where you can post. The sites give you the opportunity to improve your search rankings, within a short period of time. Publishing an article a month on the social sites can increase your brand reputation, and you no longer have to compete with posts from thousands of other websites.

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